this page needs to have current releases & link to about interiors for endo about coll pg as well as the 2 preview releases once in (note here first while alans frames a couple) some preview prints from the endo campaign coll are on their way in the meantime you can read HERE... then  &meantime can list owens posters/prints - link to pg with link to one of his songs or one plays on player with note about his music???.

so im adding the print-poster for oz in 2 sizes when done/one off 'The Fixed/stuck/ position of Loss Psyche' hand painted print interior donating to calm also... 

for poster - design QR code for insta posts etc (walls in galleries so peeps can read/listen to his music) a page that auto-plays some for oz & is the product page where a4.a3 can be bought & i think price can be 20.00 - so at x25 an order thats just over 1.00 cost leaving - 4 post = 16.00/-profit to me of 10 = 6.00 donation per purchase to report - 'at a run of 2000 signed posters thats a total donation of 12,000 pounds, 6000 will go to CALM & 6000 will go to HYOM who've suffered not just a personal loss but a huge part of the work life they are so passionate about & anything helps them while they figure out what may be next without Owen' 

my profit is then... out of which i can offer record shops/terry etc ....4.00 per sale as that would have been my postage costs, OR they can just have the sample & not bother with stocking it just displaying

also write - Sadly the type of empty loss that suicide carves in to the world is something too many people experience... for both the people who could/be have saved, those living without them & the ones we live without - Calm do...

'It took a while for the real stages to hit, & i spent a little time trying to see my own response clearly. For me this was it. An absent friend, a comfortable familiar chair that can no longer be curled up in... but we don't forget you & so I tried to make that emptiness in to something which stood for the good memory, though unable to portray it without that sadness that it has indeed/unavoidably become memory, they are wonderful memories that will remain'


edit shop - settings to show which collection 'for calm' has this info but this main page witll show any available works for general interiors first - leading to the calm pieces which will get added to anually

- print info/qr for next so sample print in any galleries... music record shops that knew owen / if they want to stock a few too they can have it without the qr code but it saves them