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Your investment in my work raises funds for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust & develops awareness & progress for women living with Endometriosis

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Selected pieces from each collection are always on display to browse in my little Lake District studio

We are now open for (safe) viewings & visits - see our open studio page

We're very proud & excited to also be stocking a selection of beautiful

up-cycled pieces by the innovative & instinctive jeweller Ruth Claydon coming Summer 2021

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Intaglio Painting - Endometriosis Campaign Collection


My campaign & artworks aim to...

- Improve ultrasound methods to aid diagnosis

- Share peoples stories

- Are you a specialist working with endometriosis or someone living with endometriosis in your life? You can share your story or give a quote for my exhibition booklet which is being put together now ready for exhibitions & campaign.

- Employers - are you one of the rare few who support women with endometriosis fighting to work? You can register as an endo-friendly employer with www.endometriosis.co.uk & share your story in my exhibition leaflets & blog - email us at s.j.somersart@gmail.com Or if you’re working for/with a supportive employer - you can share how that support has improved your work experience.

- Are you a gallery owner who wants to show this campaign collection or stock my work? You can email s.j.somersart@gmail.com or call 07724635623 between 9-5 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.