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'A mild obsession with the pleasure of looking'

Welcome - My tiny Lake District gallery and studio stocks original paintings and drawings, small runs of prints and a small selection of beautifully up-cycled pieces by the innovative and instinctive jeweller Ruth Claydon.

Available in the studio and the web shop

The studio is open for 'casually pre-booked' viewings and visits - for more info see our open studio page

NOTE - I'm taking a break over the Summer to have and recover from surgery. Feel free to make enquiries in the meantime

Thank you

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Happy Summer! ...The main news at the moment is that I'm taking July to the end of August off for surgery and recovery time. I'm still reachable and I'll be posting a couple of pieces on my blog that have gathered dust whilst hospital 'stuff' and actual work was being pursued the last 10 months. September will see the shop re-open but you can still buy/hold jewellery and art pieces until then - If you would like any info or to pay a deposit just email at the usual s.j.somersart@gmail.com - Thanks!


About The Work In 2022 - In light of my chronic diagnosis and subsequent surgery / life changes, my work has had to be a little stripped back, rather than focusing on very specific collections for exhibition, I am creating the same works, in small sets, one-off's and where possible, larger sets for exhibits depending on how the next 12-8 months flow.

This means - expect a more mixed subject matter, but from figurative to still life works, I'm fairly sure to anyone but myself, it all remains looking much the same.

- Are you a gallery who wants to stock my work?

You can email s.j.somersart@gmail.com or call 07724635623 between 9-5 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. 

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