The Lararium - A Huge, Mad Labour Of Love & Experimental Archeology

Updated: Mar 26

My 'Interior' artworks began with the idea of a giant print where everything I study & discuss could convene, a representation of digital spaces & human behaviours within them.

This was inspired by my passion for the tiny temple-like structures built for Roman & Greek Votives to live in called Larariums. Votives or specifically, 'Lares' (hence, Lararium) were tiny prayer figures which represented each prayer or request to the gods & the Larariums ended up resembling modern day doll houses once filled with these figures.

The Lararium could be seated on anything from a simple shelf or alcove, to far grander displays a-top wooden cabinets which could contain more votives for other household gods (such as Vesta, goddess of the hearth) & a store of offering ingredients. The Lararium itself would be filled with appropriate votive figures & offerings in tiny vials & dishes & the figures arranged according to the prayers of the moment alongside a flame kept lit for the Lares & the Penates (the gods of the pantry) & then this arrangement would be tended to & worshipped through different points in the day.

It's likely no surprise that as this has built over the last year & a half of working & designing the collection, I have come to love it like a child loves a doll house... & more so.

It's been a sort of strange experimental archaeology & a sigilistic practice to add to it, each time feeling the themes & sentiments of choosing what to add & how to speak through a set of figures, furnishings & objects. The resulting work comes forward in an illustrative language which has become the most delightful & truest way I can in fact discuss anything.

Above - Work on my Lararium print / An example of a Laraium

I'm nearing completion of the first print run, each limited edition run of 100 prints will have a different set of rooms, figures & objects & a small inventory certificate for them.

Right - Wooden Lararium, discovered wonderfully preserved at Herculaneum.

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