'Alter - Woman Listening To Birdsong' Print creation

As a new artist, it's difficult to source people who will care for & scan your precious work to a standard better than a photocopier from 1998 or for the price of a small diamond... So firstly, I strongly advise anyone starting out to invest in an ipad pro, apple pencil & a scanner. This will allow you to choose editing software which lets you bring out the tones of your original works without paying a shocking fee to those most desirable of printmakers, (who I & my artist friends like the idea of using) but in early days & on small budgets, it's a safer way to do your own quality control & efficiently manage your pieces as you begin & if I can be converted from my PC anyone can, Apple is so good for artists...

From early stages pieces like my landscape prints take days of solid focus building shading & highlights, so to know that you can capture all of its patina, tones & detail in a way which feels like it does to see the original, is a happy way to start any piece knowing you are in control. Beyond this I have found that some pieces I enjoy mapping out & beginning on paper & taking on to finish any last steps digitally. I spent time working to create pencil tools which I use with the same technique as I do on paper, there is no 'cheat' in digital art, if you want your work to look unique to you. Ones ability to 'undo' however, (which when you are a solo artist with a business to run & coffee to spill) spares you all the time you so desperately need to work efficiently. Some people like painting digitally, personally, I think if you desire an airbrushed pristine look, it's gorgeous, (Procreate is a great way to start playing) but for that real magic I advise getting dirty in the studio - trust me anything you care about enough to commit to painting is worth the time & care to try in real paint.

Below - Progress on the piece, with some last highlighting & tonal balancing on my ipad pro.

You can find a way to replicate your pencil work, ink strokes & tones - but do try to work as if you are using a real pencil, focus, don't let the software drive - you choose your strokes as you would with a real pencil & it will happen... The result, a work which is YOUR style. Again, I prefer & advise as much as possible to be done by hand, your skill is precious & worth giving time & respect to - I spent time working/exhibiting in a great art gallery in York & the people who come for exhibitions will recognise this effort. Just keep going...

Right - kettle on & off to work on some Art For Dance pieces today - @thatdanceartist

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