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My Interior pieces place surreal representations of human presence, sensation & thought within illustrated settings, like all of my work these are rooted in 19th century & Neoclassical objects & spaces. They explore my belief in the life changing effects of maintaining & nurturing our connection to nature & in gaining perspective on ourselves in our own time.

In the first collection I am starting with a subject close to home & a campaign collection for progress in the world of womens health & those living with endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS & other life hindering diseases.

About The Campaign

There's a jagged mountain that women with endometriosis have to conquer in an average day. The pain they push through is one huge feat & the psychological effects can be equally horrific. Waves of anxiety must be pushed past, exhaustion becomes normalised & vital time to recoup from more severe attacks is rarely afforded.

My work aims to give these women a voice, the collection is focused on sharing what they carry under their clothes, behind their achievements & beneath whatever form of mask they wear to protect themselves. These women do all the things they do despite their suffering & it is truly outstanding

As well as sharing experiences to raise awareness, my collections & exhibits share information which arms women with the knowledge required to get to efficient diagnosis & support.

I believe when diagnosis time averages at 8+ years, such information seems a small technicality but makes for crucial change...


'Display Pedestal' 

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Campaign Collection

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hand painted print

Campaign Collection


Without diagnosis women are left vulnerable in the work place, personal relationships & ironically, in medical environments.

Deciding exactly what to campaign for & work towards has been a difficult 'chicken & egg' situation. The semi-independent power of GP's to detain patients, (thanks to paid incentives to reduce referrals) is just one cause of delay & getting an investigative scan at all is the longest road for many women, but this first step in raising awareness for how to get a diagnosis is where I feel I must begin.


The ultrasound kit in any hospital has internal (transvaginal) scanning equipment which detects signs of cysts & other endometrial activity. Other scanning such as MRI's & external sonography will almost certainly fail to identify these signs, yet many women go through multiple external ultrasounds without being aware of the option for a more accurate internal scan with the equipment present. It is important to ensure that this method is used every time where possible & so this year I am working towards getting NICE guidelines to be rephrased to instruct, rather than advise sonographers to use the trans-vaginal scanner, every single time (unless it causes pain or distress to the patient) & that patients must have the benefits of an internal scan explained to them at any ultrasound appointment...

Whilst the NHS struggles to keep up with an ever-growing list of patients waiting for aid, performing a transvaginal scan is a measure which allows for & sympathises with the NHS's current challenges whilst simultaneously increasing the chance of a diagnosis & is thus, a life-changing first step which can surely be made 'the rule' in scanning

This, (along with booklets produced & distributed with my work) enables women to begin learning how to live & cope with this disease & how to fight their corner

Diagnosis reduces exposure to abuse & neglect & avoids the chance for the disease to progress to a severe degree before a person can decide how they wish to tackle or treat it from a safe & educated position

This country is filled with incredibly strong women fighting hard to continue working, parenting & contributing to our society & economy. They deserve diagnosis & back up & the chance to manage their own options for going forwards with their lives. 


'Intaglio' Paintings - Campaign Collection

The collection is now booking in for exhibition & a few selected preview prints & originals are coming in to the Interiors section of my web store.


I will continue to post progress as the campaign gets rolling on my Instagram @sjfartz & my little blog here 

If you would like further info or to be notified of exhibitions or get involved - drop us an email at

Thank you for taking the time to read about the work & campaign

Please feel free to share links to help spread word


'Intaglio' Paintings - Campaign Collection


My campaign & artworks aim to...

- Improve ultrasound methods to aid diagnosis 


- Raise awareness & educate women on how to avoid delays in support & diagnosis 

- Share peoples stories

- Are you a specialist working with endometriosis or someone living with endometriosis in your life? You can share your story or give a quote for my exhibition booklet which is being put together now ready for exhibitions & campaign.

- Employers - are you one of the rare few who support women with endometriosis fighting to work? You can register as an endo-friendly employer with & share your story in my exhibition leaflets & blog - email us at Or if you’re working for/with a supportive employer - you can share how that support has improved your work experience.

- Are you a gallery owner who wants to show this campaign collection or stock my work? You can email or call 07724635623 between 9-5 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.