My little selection of jewellery pieces mostly up-cycles antique findings which house either my tiny hand sculpted designs or my tiny ITA-prints... I love to use the same natural materials that were fashionable in the late English Baroque & Regency period, such as shell, agate, marble & granite, precious & semi precious stones & other natural specimens... 

Every printed study is a limited edition & each print will be used in a different design each time. You will receive yours with a certificate, signed & numbered. Original miniature paintings are also certified, as with any piece of art work.

My micro-sculptures are set in to vials, fobs & repurposed jewellery pieces which serve as talisman-like viewing caskets which echo my larger sculptures - I post most pieces as they are being made for work-in-progress previews. 

CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO VIEW & OR BUY THE PIECE - Sold items will be marked as so but we leave some images in the gallery for custom order references.

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