Mixed Media Paintings - printed & set in the 19th century style of ornamentalising natural materials. 

THE CREATIVE PROCESS - I create studies of a multitude of subject matter & the painting is merged with a meticulous study of the formation of rock & agate to create a 'petrified painting' set in each piece, which in their finished forms, mimic geological specimens.  


Crystalline Print in stand - Ltd edition x 100 only of each design is printed in varied & unique sizes & forms such as jewellery & standing 'Specimen' pieces. Each print comes signed & numbered for your records. 

Available here (scroll to purchase) & through The Pyramid Gallery, York via THE PYRAMID GALLERY

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If you need to leave any additional information simply email us after you purchase & we can adjust your order specifics

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All items shipped in strong postal tubes to be signed for - always inspect the condition upon arrival before letting the postman give it over to you.