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Representations of modern quality of life through 19th century landscapes & spaces.


There is an irony to humanity's artistic & social presence in the 19th century & it remains somewhat of a crooked nook in the backbone of civilisation & indeed our most concerning social & environmental issues today.

Looking to Greek philosophy, the Regency man of means was dotting his estate inch by inch with the Neoclassical. Palladian-inspired structures had arisen all over the country & many of our red brick & Tudor wood beams received a coating of regimented columns & huge windows which let the light in on their matching Neoclassical furnishings... 

We had begun adding a bright new icing to a heavily matured cake & the home was becoming temple-like in its trendy new 'philosophical' ways for a gentleman to boast his attributes... 

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'Briar' - Diptych - Two Girls In A Vista. / Overgrown Vista

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'Alter pt 1 - Woman Listening To Birdsong'

My Exterior works ponder the theory that if we had, in the midst of this failed attempt at enlightenment been punished by nature & cut off from it. What if whilst industry began to cut through the landscape, nature began to poison us in return?

Where would our resources have turned in technology, religion & lifestyle, if our highest priority were to suddenly become our desperation to return to a symbiosis with nature?

One hopes we would reach a similar 'awakening' to the one actioned in very recent years by a great deal of passionate hard working people, but we are not yet clear of the 19th century wave of adulteration & the injection of 19th cent ignorance, arrogance & the fury of class power at such heights makes for a more awakening tone that I hope will represent an important sense of responsibility to accompany our hope.


Verse - Poem on the Enclosures acts - 1760's-1810's

'They hang the man & flog the woman

who steals a goose from off the common

Yet let the greater villain loose

who steals the common from the goose'

...Artists & thinkers were looking to a new renaissance, but their gentrified patrons were commissioning works depicting the English landscapes that were destined to be cut up & sold over the next 200 years.

This was land which the poor & lower classes would also be driven from as the Enclosures Acts were put up against them & they trickled, starving in to the new industrial cities which fed back in to a bulging minority of purses.

Artists like Turner & later Frank Lloyd Wright & the Pre Raphaelites filled with dread at the smoke-filled system & observed the psychological & social effects it was already having. 

This perky start had quickly folded in on itself & as they bore witness, so continued the restriction of the masses which lead the heart of the new generation to nought but the same dead ends & in greater numbers.

Prostitution, infanticide, child labour, starvation & a societal structure susceptible to abuse & enslavement of all kinds bubbled under the higher classes sense of progression.

We had fallen in to the melting pot of heavy Victorian ornament & obsession that set the tone for our modern mindset & so it stands, a well designed cloak over a dirty pile of clutter, concluding with that Dickensian contrast of lifestyles that became the later half of the 19th century.


'Landscapes Obscured By Devices' - Set of 3 miniatures

'He Can Never Touch Her Again'

design Work



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